Med eSolutions is Your Answer For Chronic Care Management Services

Med eSolutions strive to enhance integration and adoption of technology in health care with practical solutions. With experience and knowledge, we are well suited to bring improved workflows and efficiency to your practice to result in increased revenue and patient satisfaction for Chronic Care Management program.

Under the new chronic care management program authorized by CMS, physicians are now being reimbursed under CPT® code 99490, 99489 and 99487 for providing non-face-to-face care coordination services to eligible Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions. However, compliance with the program’s requirements is essential to receive payments, and meeting them on your own can require additional staff and technology investment.

Med eSolutions Chronic Care Management services help you improve patient involvement and quality of care while help you get paid through the new CMS program under CPT code 99490. Our service help you meet CMS billing requirements and bag revenue that might have been missed.

Med eSolutions Empower Physicians To Do What They Do Best – Care For Patients…Chronic Care Management Program

Med eSolutions helps physician practices develop a chronic care management program designed to support improved patient outcomes and drive recurring reimbursement revenue without increasing staff or adding significant costs.

With Med eSolutions Chronic Care Management Services, our patient-centered team provides comprehensive care coordination that helps advance the support of your chronically ill patients and puts your physicians on the road to a value-based future.

Few Things To Expect From Our Chronic Care Management Program

Chronic Care Management Program | Med eSolutions

Med eSolution Software Designed According To Your Needs…

We understand the mind-boggling nature of running a private practice. This is exactly why we strive to produce the best for our clients by helping them manage patient databases for maximum CCM program effectiveness. We’ve designed our software such as it can be used together with ANY EHR!

As the healthcare landscape is evolving, it’s important for the primary care physician to frequently find out ways to not only improve their patients’ experience, but also to increase their profitability. Recognizing the need for high quality software that helps accomplish these tasks, Med E Solutions has come up with a complete care management platform.

Furthermore from having our easy-to-use software at your fingertips, you get:

  • Real-time tracking from computers or smartphones
  • Unlimited users and patients
  • Live Dashboard showing current CCM minutes
  • Task tracker and Time Logging
  • Easily download summaries
  • Weekly and month-to-date progression reports
  • Data extraction to identify qualifying patients
  • Tech Support via email and phone.

Most of all our revolutionary chronic care management solution enables you to realize your maximum CCM revenue potential.


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